TKE chapter busy organizing the 6th annual St. Jude Fundraising Dinner

TKE preparing for St. Jude Fundraising Dinner

Young men from TKE are hoping to raise $100,000 for St. Jude Children's Hospital at their upcoming fundraiser.

A busy time for the 50 young men who are part of the Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter at UMD. They are preparing for the 6th annual St. Jude Fundraising Dinner at Greysolon Plaza.

Their goal this year is to hit $100,000. And they are already on their way with a larger crowd that’s nearly sold out and corporate sponsors.

President Hunter Vickery told us that alumni and friends and family make it all possible. “The motto for Tau Kappa Epsilon is ‘Better men for a better world.’ And St. Jude is how we’re striving to achieve that.”

St. Jude was founded by one of their members, Danny Thomas. TKE nationally has pledge $10 million dollars in 10 years. A few members even visited the hospital in Memphis this past summer.

This dinner is the way UMD’s chapter does their part.

Vice President Will Holz shared, “It’s a very, very, very meaningful event for all of us, just being able to raise that kind of figure for children that don’t have the same opportunities that we do.”

The dinner is Saturday, November 18th, from 5:30-9pm.

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