The Massacre on Hammond, over a decade of scaring in Superior

The Massacre on Hammond, over a decade of scaring in Superior.

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If you are searching for some frightful fun this Halloween, look no further. Over in Superior the Massacre on Hammond is a haunted maze experience and its not for the faint of heart.

Dan Kittleson, said his family have been putting on the spooky spectacle for well over a decade.

“So our whole entire family is big into Halloween,” Kittleson said. “We watch a lot of like horror movies just to kind of get ideas. It takes quite a while too.”

The Massacre on Hammond also introduced a low scare feature to not frighten kids as much for Halloween.

“We originally started out as a no scare, but then we had people that were going through and they said it was still scary. So we switched to a low scare, because I do have animatronics that are still in there,” Kittleson said. “Last year we did 1100 people in four days, so we tried to split it up so we can have maybe even that same amount, but just spread it out. So it’s you’re not waiting in line as long.”

Kittleson said that the hope for the family operated haunting experience becomes renowned throughout the Twin Ports area.

“I would love that to see Halloween like Superior be kind of be like the Capitol, Halloween capital or whatever of the Northland basically. But if you go up and down Hammond Avenue now during trick or treating like on Halloween there’s a lot more people that are starting to decorate and it’s a big area to go trick or treating.”

Kittelon also said if people are wanting to try their hand with setting up or even scaring others the help is more than appreciated.

“We’re always looking for volunteers. Halloween is our biggest night. On Halloween. We’ll probably have over 600 people come through on Halloween. So on Halloween, I usually have around 19 people working. So and then sometimes there’s people that have to work. Obviously I have to fill in somebody else, so I’m always looking for volunteers.”

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