Supporting Small Businesses in the city of Ashland Wisconsin

Supporting Small Businesses in the city of Ashland Wisconsin

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The shopping season continues today with Shop Small Saturday, with plenty of folks supporting small businesses. Many local shops offering unique discounts, deals are appreciating the rise in sales from local customers and tourists alike.

Sam Rikkers, the Deputy Secretary of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is visiting several cities’ supporting small businesses.

“We have all these great deals in our downtowns. And when you come out, it’s a just a ton of fun,” Rikker said. “So it’s a great way that we can both really help support our businesses but connect our communities.”

Mary McPhetridge, the Commerce Director of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce said the city of Ashland relies on small businesses for their economy.

“The community always comes to the small businesses for support when they’re doing fundraising benefits, youth sports, all of that kind of thing. So the small business has always had and help the community,” McPhetridge said. “It’s great then to promote local shopping so that the community can support them and they do. It’s amazing how many people that shop local around here. Amazing. And the local people here depend on their local residents to support them. So it’s really a win-win situation for both.”

 Alex Faber, the co-owner of Bay City Cycles said customers shopping at local businesses might not know the everyday struggles small business owners face.

“A lot of us, especially in the small town, are like barely getting by and work multiple jobs. I’m co-owner here and I still work another job. And that’s true of a lot of us,” Faber said. “I think the behind the scenes is that we’re doing this because we love it so partly because we love the job, but partly because we love the community that we’re part of. And we’re doing that even though it’s not always paying the bills.”

Gabriele Block, the owner of Gabriele’s German Cookies and Chocolates, said one when people shop at small businesses, it supports family-owned business.

“The store owner will know their quality products and they can tell you everything about those products. They have product knowledge. We have a personal relationship with our customers,” Block said. “We can advise them or be helpful in any kind of way. We’re always here.”

Also Ashland will be hosting their 60th annual Garland City of the North Christmas Parade next Saturday. Here’s a list of other events happening in Ashland throughout the month of December. For other stories happening in Ashland you can read more here.