Update: William Kelley Schools warm up for the first time since September

William Kelley students go without heat

Students at the William Kelley elementary school have gone without heat for their entire school year. Faulty boilers are to blame.

Update: New boilers have been installed at William Kelley Schools in Silver Bay after a faulty boiler stopped working at the beginning of the year.

Concerns over a faulty boiler caused concern from parents and students in Silver Bay. Administration says this wasn’t planned, it came about during a different renovation project.

The project started around three months ago, says Principal Dan Johnson. He notes while doing reconfigurations of some classrooms and office spaces, crews uncovered that the boiler was either in serious need of repair or replacement. The boiler was over 15 years old.

Johnson says it was much more cost effective to bring in three new boilers. That was three months ago.

Flash forward to now, and those are still not in place. Johnson says because of supply and demand issues, the boilers didn’t arrive until two weeks ago.

The William Kelley Elementary school serves student K-12. There is also a daycare inside the building. Johnson says the daycare is on the same heating system, but they have a backup system unlike the rest of the school.

A student I spoke with today, Jack Virginia says that some days are colder than others but for him personally it hasn’t been that bad. He says the coldest rooms are the gym, and Ms. Johnsons class which is his math teacher’s class.

Concerns brought forth by parents have prompted administration to send out an email explaining the situation. In that email, it says that they are expecting to have operational heat by October 18th.

“We anticipate the building will stay around 55-60° until the new boilers are operational.”

Principal Dan Johnson says that students are welcome to bring jackets, blankets and whatever they can to keep warm. The school is also providing hot chocolate and coffee to students throughout the day.

Principal Johnson also notes that if any parents are uncomfortable sending their kids to school, they will provide E-learning and excused absences.