St. Louis County Veterans Treatment Court providing hope and help for a decade now

Celebrating 10 years of Veterans Treatment Court

A milestone moment for the St. Louis County Veterans Treatment Court, as they celebrate 10 years of helping our veterans get back on track.

A milestone anniversary for the St. Louis County Veterans Treatment Court. They celebrated their 10th anniversary on Monday.

Things got started in 2014, but the court became official in 2018. Since then, about 30 people have graduated.

Michelle Pike is one of them. She spoke at the celebration on Monday, sharing she’s repaired relationships with her family, and has a good job as an Ironworker now.

Bill Hayes added that they helped him so much, even with life things like a new mattress. “I have a good job now, as a manager of a parts store. They really helped me figure things out.”

During the celebration, Mayor Roger Reinert proclaimed it “Veterans Treatment Court Day.”

Judge Dale Harris is handing over the reigns of this work to Judge Nicole Hopps on July 1st.

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