St. Louis County Rescue Squad ends 2023 with an ATV rescue

The St. Louis County Rescue Squad responded to an incident involving ten individuals and their ATVs that were stuck in thick muskeg in the backcountry of Taft on New Year’s Eve.

They used two Sherps to keep the 10 people warm and to transport them to safety.

Authorities say the muskeg, or bog, became thick by the compounded broken ice slabs.

In a post on Facebook the squad says, “Props, kudos, and many thanks to Grand Lake Fire-Rescue, Sheriff’s Deputies, Mayo Ambulance, and 911 Dispatchers for rockin’ New Year’s Eve with us on an outstanding operation! We’d also like to mention Alborn, Fredenberg, and Northland Fire-Rescue and Meadowlands Ambulance for reaching out and standing by ready to assist. Thanks, all!”