Safety reminder from Minnesota Power and SWL&P about meters

The snow keeps on falling, but it’s critically important to keep electric and gas meters free of snow and ice. Minnesota Power and Superior Water, Light and Power (SWL&P), are seeing issues with ice and snow covered meters. These are causing power outages and can also be a potential safety hazard. SWLP provides electric and gas service while Minnesota Power only provides electric service.

Snow or ice build-up around the gas meter and regulator could lead to hazardous gas leaks. “The safety of our customers and community is important to us. Keeping gas meters clear is imperative to ensure the equipment works properly. And to avoid potential safety hazard.” said Harper Brickson, manager SWL&P Customer Experience.

SWLP also has several are tips for safely clearing your natural gas meter. Use your hand, or a soft brush to remove snow around the piping and on top of the meter assembly. Never use sharp objects, a shovel or a blower. Remove any large icicles hanging above the natural gas equipment.

Maintain a clear path to your meter. Customers at both utilities should check their electric meters and keep them clear of snow and ice. Minnesota Power and SWL&P also have some important points to keep in mind.

Snow, icicles or water dripping and freezing on your meter socket may interfere with how the electric meter operates. It could also potentially damage the equipment.

Crews will make sure power is safely connected if there is an alert from a meter. There is no need to report if there is ice on your electric meter. You can gently remove accumulating snow by hand but if your electric meter becomes encased in ice. However, do not try to melt or chip the ice.

If you have any problems clearing your gas meter equipment, please call SWL&P at 1-800-227-7957. For more information you can look on Minnesota Power or SWL&P’s websites. For another story about the snow you can look here