Safe Haven holds event in support of domestic abuse survivors

Safe Haven Presents “In their Shoes” an Interactive Art Experience

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Safe Haven Shelter and Resource Center, a leading advocate and provider of support for survivors of domestic violence hosted a special event in honor of Domestic Violence awareness month on Tuesday evening.  Titled “In Their Shoes: A Look into a Duluth Survivor’s Experience,” the event was designed to shed light on the lives of survivors in the Twin Ports community.

The project allowed participants to step into the lives of survivors and see the world through their eyes. They were led through several different stations and were able to gain insight into the complex challenges that survivors, as well as their children, encounter on their path to safety, healing, and independence.

Officials from the event hoped that by walking in their shoes, community members would better appreciate the importance of support systems like Safe Haven and the broader community in helping survivors break free from the cycle of abuse.

Safe Haven is a non-profit organization committed to providing survivors of domestic violence with the support, resources, and services they need to reclaim their lives and thrive. Their mission is to create a safer and more empathetic community that stands together against domestic violence.