Real Ranger: Henry Brown built a disc golf course

In Balsam Township, you can now find a disc golf course.

Henry Brown is working on becoming an Eagle Scout, and picked the course as his big project.

Balsam Community Park is a place he knows well. “It’s a really beautiful place. I’ve known it my whole life,” Brown said.

But there was a part he thought wasn’t being utilized as much as it could be, towards the back.

With help from an avid disc golfer, Aaron Reini, he was able to design the course around the edges of the park. Then, he solicited donations from area businesses.

Finally, at the end of August, it was build day. And things came together fairly quickly! “I feel really grateful for all the support from my community,” he added.

He also returned money he didn’t need to the township, for other projects.

Brown, who is 17-years-old, hopes to become a forester some day.