Protector Appreciation Day with the Inn on Lake Superior

Inn on Lake Superior hosts Protector Appreciation Day

Thanking local firefighters and police officers for Protector Appreciation Day.

There is no one more reliable then our emergency service workers. Day in and day out- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year- they are just a call away.

That’s why the Inn on Lake Superior Hosted its second annual Protector Appreciation Day.

Firefighters and police officers were invited to stop by breakfast, which featured sandwiches, donuts, and

“We’re hoping that they stop by and again just for us to say thank you for all that they do,” Nancy Kilpo, the Sales Manager of ZMC Hotels told WDIO. “They keep our guests safe, they keep our citizens safe, and they keep our staff safe, which is obviously very import being here in Canal Park.”