Protect reproductive options (PRO) act, approved by MN Senate

The protect reproductive options (PRO) act, states that Minnesotans have a “fundamental right” to an abortion and reproductive health care. Some of these protections include the right to contraception, the right to carry a pregnancy to term, and the right to abortion.

This piece of legislation would ensure the right to privacy for personal reproductive health decisions. Introduced as SF1, the PRO Act, narrowly passed by a 34-33 vote in the Minnesota Senate early this Saturday morning.

Republicans repeatedly called the bill “extreme”, especially after their amendments to the bill were rejected. They tried to attach restrictions and limits to the reproductive rights outlined in the bill. Republicans are worried that the proposal would result in adverse situations for patients.

Abortion rights in Minnesota are already protected because a Doe v. Gomez, a 1995 Minnesota Supreme Court decision. Democrats frame the PRO act, as a “secondary” line of defense to that ruling. Democrats who control the House, Senate, and governor’s office have said that this bill is one of their top priorities since Roe v. Wade was struck down in June. 

Gov. Walz has said that he will sign the PRO act when it reaches his desk, when this bill does become a law, Minnesota will be the 16th state to explicitly protect the right to an abortion in state law or a state’s constitution. And it would join Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon and Vermont in providing abortion access without a limit on viability.

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