Update on Pro-Palestine demonstrations in Duluth

As of Friday, the Duluth Police Department says no citations have been issued regarding demonstations over the war in Gaza. On Wednesday evening a small group of people gathered in what they called the Duluth Palestine Solidarity Camp, demanding city and state divestment and boycott of Israel. (See the story below.)

On Thursday, May 2 the Duluth Police Department issued a statement on the ongoing demonstrations, saying although people have the right to ‘lawfully and peacefully exercise their Constitutional rights,’ officials wanted to remind the public that city parks are closed at 10 p.m. and anyone engaging in prohibited conduct could be cited and asked to leave.

Their full statement is as follows:

The City of Duluth respects the rights of persons to lawfully and peacefully exercise their Constitutional rights. As a reminder, city parks are closed between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Further, camping, setting up any tent, or making use of any sleeping equipment at any time of day or night in city parks is prohibited. Individuals who are found in the parks during prohibited hours, engaging in camping, placing tents, or engaging in other prohibited conduct will be cited or directed to leave. Individuals who persist in unlawful behavior after being cited may be subject to removal.

Protests break out at city hall for Palestine

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Original Story: Violent clashes at American college campuses over the war in Gaza are dominating national news, but peaceful protests were taking place in Duluth Wednesday night.

A group calling itself the Duluth palestine solidarity camp is demanding city and state divestment and boycott of Israel.

Protesters have established an encampment at the rose garden in Leif Erickson park and at Duluth city hall.

Encampment at City Hall on Wednesday.

“We’re setting up an occupation in solidarity with all the other occupations,” an unidentified protester said. “We are demanding that the city, state and federal government divest from the genocide in Palestine. We think it’s wrong for so many tax dollars to be going to that when it could be going to solving the housing crisis.”

The Duluth police department released a statement Wednesday night in respose to these local protests, saying in part–

“Demonstrations at this time remain peaceful and are a respectful expression of the parties’ First Amendment Rights. Currently, there is no concern for public safety. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as necessary.”