Planning and preparing for high winds during a severe storm

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When planning and preparing for high winds during a severe storm, there are some important steps to remember. Usually these storms have wind speeds of 40 miles per hour, or wind gusts of 58 miles per hour. High winds can cause downed trees and power lines, flying debris and building collapses, which may lead to power outages. These storms can also lead to transportation disruptions, damage to buildings and vehicles, injury or death.

Melissa Steinke, a resident in Duluth talked about how her family plan and prepare for a wind storm. “I do a lot of canning, so we do have some food. I freeze a lot of things too. So food wise, we will never go hungry. But I do have a lot of blankets with flashlights kind of around the house in different places.” Steinke said. “I was just thinking about taking things down outside. I have a wind chime that kind of is special to me. It was sort of in memory of my dad and we always run out and grab that so Clem doesn’t go flying.”

Steve Marshall, the owner of Marshall’s Hardware, explained more people are buying batteries to prepare for the wind storm. “So if I’m home, I’ll fill up five gallon pails just to have me able to drink, do the essentials, flush the toilet because I’m on a well system there.” Marshall said. Most folks in town that have city water, you don’t need to back up through a water supply because it’s still coming through with the power out.”

There are several planning measures you can take to prepare for the high speed winds. If there is enough time before the storm, trim tree branches away from your home and power lines. Take the time to remove or tie down outdoor decorations and items like garbage cans, birdfeeders, etc. Make sure to also secure any loose gutters, or window shutters.

However, if you live in a mobile home, find a secure building you can go to if the National Weather Service issues a high winds drill. Next, remember to charge the batteries on your devices, and have effective means of communicating like a hand crank radio. Finally stay in the basement or bathroom during the storm.

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