People making their voices heard during the election, polls open till 8pm

Voters making their voices heard during general election

Voters weigh in on why it's important to cast their ballots.

Polls opened at 7am across several towns in the Northland.

The biggest races are in Duluth, with the mayoral and city council seats, along with school board members and school referendum questions.

WDIO stopped by several polling places.

At Pilgrim Congregational Church, they had a slow but steady stream around the lunch hour.

Voters we met said it was important to come out and participate.

Tom told us, “I really like the local elections. There’s a lot of really good candidates, and good opportunity. And in this case, work with your neighbors. I know a number of the candidates. What we’re doing in our neighborhoods is important.”

Another voter, Kevin, shared, “It’s important to show support for things you think are important, and my grandmother always instilled in me that voting is the most important thing to do as a citizen.”

Polls are open until 8pm.