Peer Recovery Specialists are proving to be so powerful in recovery services

An addition to recovery services is making a difference

A look at the impact of peer recovery specialists on people right here in Duluth.

Driving by, you wouldn’t realize that the Horizon House in Duluth had so much transformation happening inside.

There is space for 10 men who are living in recovery.

In the past six months, Horizon House has partnered with Kyros, a company that focuses on Substance Use Disorder Recovery Services.

Kyros provides Certified Peer Support Recovery Specialist services. In this case, it’s a woman named Dawn Clemson.

She’s also in recovery herself, and calls this work so rewarding.

“I never thought that I would be here myself in recovery this far down the road. And helping others get here is powerful.”

The men spoke highly about her commitment to keeping them on track.

Andy added, “She was just Johnny on the spot with all the paperwork I’ve ever needed. She’d come up to my jobs. It’s just she’s just been a really a huge blessing to me, you know, on getting me to move forward in my life. If I wouldn’t have had her, I, I don’t think that I would have been in the position I’m at right now.”

Bill told us he’s even going to become a peer recovery specialist himself now, thanks to Dawn’s help. “That kind of encouragement is what really has impacted me in moving forward with getting licensed to be a part of Kyros. She’s been an inspiration to me,” he said.

And Lori Murphy, the Program Director, added, “Having Kyros has opened up so many more opportunities. I’ve had guys leave and go to college, and move out and get their own place. That success means everything to us.”

Bryan just gradated with his 1-year sobriety last weekend. “I just hope there’s many more to come,” he shared.

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