New telehealth solution called Ōmcare Home Health Hub is aimed at helping people live independently for longer

New telehealth device launching in Duluth at Ecumen

A new telehealth solution is aimed at helping people live independently for longer is focused on medication.

A beautiful apartment overlooking Lake Superior is a treasured place for many at Ecumen Lakeshore in Duluth.

People want to live independently longer. But one thing that can get in the way is the complication of taking multiple medications.

That’s what Ōmcare Home Health Hub is looking to address. Created by Ōmcare, which is based in the Twin Cities, the telehealth combo of hardware and software simplifies and verifies medication taking.

Lisa Lavin, founder of Ōmcare, was inspired to do this after watching her beloved grandmother fade away in a way that didn’t allow her the respect that she deserved.

So after years of research and development, including starting with a device that dispensed pet treats, they’ve launched the Ōmcare Home Health Hub.

Lavin explained, “We’ve directly connected with the pharmacy data system. They will fill your meds in a pouch format, which is delivered to your home. And then it’s put in your health hub. You can use the smart assistance, which is digital reminders for you. Or caregiver assistance, which is when someone will call you through the hub to remind you to take the meds.”

Three cameras help show you that the medication was taken correctly by the right person.

They are rolling it out with the help of Ecumen and other providers.

Ecumen leaders have been showing the device to their independent living tenants, and say it’s been well received so far.

“From our perspective, it’s an opportunity for us to really further our mission, and providing an innovative solution that helps people live longer in their apartment,” Blaine Gamst told us. He’s the Executive Director at Ecumen Lakeshore.

They see what can happen when people don’t take their medications at the right time or consistently, which can lead to bad health outcomes.

“People are trying to prevent step-up care, and want to maintain their independent vitality. If we can avoid people having to head to the hospital or to assisted living earlier than they want, and keep them vibrant and happy, that’s what we’re all about,” Lavin added.

You will eventually be able to purchase one for yourself, if you wish. They will retail at $1599, with a $20/month service fee.

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