New opportunity called Expanded Access Program for ALS patients in the Northland

A new opportunity to support ALS patients in the Northland

A look at how the Expanded Access Program will help more ALS patients.

The Black Woods Blizzard Tour is kicking off Wednesday evening. But earlier in the day, a focus on the new Expanded Access Program, EAP, for ALS patients.

It means patients who haven’t qualified for clinical trials before, can now have access to new and innovative treatments.

Todd Lauer will be the first patient to be part of the EAP. He’s a banker from Iron, who’s been battling this disease since 2015. He said this represents real hope, that he can see his kids graduate college, walk his girls down the aisle, and hold his grandkids some day.

Never Surrender, Inc., the organization that runs the Blizzard Tour, Tomassoni Tour, and Kolar Toyota ALS Fishing Tournament, helped bring the EAP to Minnesota.

They’re funding nearly $900,000 over two years, to help pay for the people who will run the EAP.

Dr. Amber Erickson will lead the program, with the help of a team. She’s been treating Todd since he was diagnosed.

The 2024 tour kicks off on Wednesday, although without the snowmobile ride. Instead, the group will enjoy time at Skyline Social and Games and Curl Mesabi.

There is an ALS Light of Hope Panel on Saturday, at Black Bear, from 1-2:30pm. It is free and the public is welcome.

Registration for in person and virtual attendance: