MNA nurses to hold strike vote on Monday

The Minnesota Nurses Association says union members will hold a strike vote next week as they continue to negotiate contracts with hospitals across the state.

According to the union, the vote will be held Monday, August 15.

If the vote passes, it would allow nurse negotiation leaders to call a strike after filing a 10-day notice with hospital employers.

Union officials say 15,000 nurses have been working without contracts in the Twin Ports and Twin Cities areas, and negotiations have been ongoing since March of 2022. Nurses in the Twin Ports have been working without a contract since June 30.

Since then, informational pickets have been held at hospitals across Minnesota, and last week, nurses voted “No confidence” in hospital executives.

According to union leaders, if a strike involving the 15,000 nurses happens, it would be one of the largest nurse strikes in the history of the United States.

Essentia Health will continue to negotiate in good faith and is committed to reaching an agreement that benefits our nurses, provides expert, compassionate care for our patients and promotes stewardship for our organization. Essentia provides pay and benefits that help us remain competitive in the communities we’re privileged to serve, and we are continuously exploring innovative ways to enhance the recruitment and professional development of our nurses. Essentia has a long history of reaching mutually acceptable agreements while avoiding work stoppages.

Essentia Health

Mary Turner claimed today that MNA’s entire economic package amounts to a 30% increase. This is false. At our negotiating table, MNA is demanding over a 50% increase.

MNA’s salary demand alone is 36.5% over three years, or more than a 12% increase per year. That means the average nurse currently making $50/hour would be making $70/hour. We’re committed to competitive compensation for all our employees and a fair contract, but MNA’s demands are unreasonable.

Here’s how MNA’s wage request stacks up with other recently settled contracts:

City of Duluth employees: +8% over 3 years

Duluth Teachers: +4.5% over 2 years

Minnesota Health Care Professional Unit (includes Nurses who are represented by MNA): +5% over 2 years

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