Mayor Jim Paine and city of Superior release new smartphone app

Mayor Jim Paine and other members in the city of Superior recently developed a new Superior app. The app itself has features and information available on the city government’s website, but the app is easier to navigate.

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Mayor Paine was able to talk more about the new Superior app, which has been available to download for the last couple of weeks. “Most of us use our phones, and the fact is, most people don’t think about the city very often. And if you have a concern or an idea or a question, you might forget it by the time you get home, by the time you get in front of your computer.” Paine said.

Some of the features offered on the Superior app include reporting pot holes, find employment at city hall, etc. However, with any app there was a couple of bugs. “I knew there would be mistakes. I knew the public would tell us about them right away. Some folks were nervous that we were going to get a lot of pothole complaints, and I said that that’s only because there’s a lot of potholes and we don’t know where they are. We don’t know which ones bother people the most until they tell us. And so we might as well make that easier.” Paine said.

There were different opinions about the new Superior app talked about on the mayor’s Facebook page. Raya Horst, the owner of Serenity Spa and Salon talked about how the app can help small businesses. “It’s really that cutting edge we’re taking that first step into really welcoming all of our residents and business owners into kind of that background. And we’re feeling more involved in our community and with things that happen in the community. I know this app also gives us access to a lot of resources at a quicker pace.” Horst said.

Meredith Johnson, the owner of Salon Superior, also talked about why she has been enjoying the new app. “I was really poking around in there. You can see like you can reserve parks if you need to. You can reserve a pavilion if you wanted to if somebody wanted to have a birthday party, like generally like I wouldn’t even know how to rent the pavilion. But now on this app, it makes it like super easy.” Johnson said.

Mayor Paine also said the Superior app can be used by everyone and not just for residents in Superior. “But you know, somebody’s visiting town for a couple of days or even weeks visiting family. That’s a way to learn about Superior, to explore it. We will use the app in different ways in summer versus winter. We might want to know what’s going on, on a beautiful summer weekend.” Paine said.

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