Kids are improving their airway health and sleep by attending first OMT camp at Mt. Royal Dental

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You may not realize how connected your tongue and facial muscles are to the rest of your overall health.

But the experts at Mt. Royal Dental are.

Janelle Soukkala and Naomi VonRueden are trained orofacial myofunctional therapists, along with being hygienists at the practice.

They just lead their first OMT summer camp for a group of 10 kids. It was 12 weeks worth of in-person and virtual sessions, where kids went through exercises and used devices to help them learn how to breathe correctly. This provides for better airway health, restful sleep, and even jaw development.

Soukkala told us, “OMT is a type of therapy for your face, mouth, and tongue. So the goal is to remove oral dysfunction. Which can prevent sleep disorders.”

“We have patients say that they are sleeping better. And even body wise, they are feeling better doing activities like walking,” Soukkala said.

Motivated by personal experiences, they’ve been offering OMT for several years, and seeing good results. VonRueden shared, “That’s what motivated us to do the camp.”

One of the devices they use is the REMastered Sleep REMplenish Myo Nozzle. It’s a myofunctional therapy nozzle that reduces snoring and strengthens your airway while drinking water.

Molly Isham, from REMastered, added, “I love this camp, in that they are bringing awareness to myofunctional therapy. Parents should know these are things that can be addressed, and set up your child better health and better sleep, and better mental health.”

A pre-dental student named Dawson Miller works at the practice. He also went through the OMT, and said it’s been life changing when it comes to the sleep factor.

“I really felt the strengthening of the muscles in my mouth. Finally, when I was strong enough to get the frenulectomy done, it’s like I felt a big pressure release in my neck. It felt like my face had been kind of tied up in the front, and then it let go,” Miller explained. “I slept better than I have since I was a kid.”

VonRueden said they hope to offer the camp again next summer.

You can go right online now and see if you might be a good candidate for OMT.

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