Isolated thunderstorms left fallen trees and hail in Central Lakes

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Last night’s isolated thunderstorms left fallen trees and hail throughout the Central Lakes area. Many residents endured the strong winds causing power outages, and other damages to boats and docks.

Kristy Moreland, a resident in Central Lakes, said that many of her neighbors around Moose lake area suffered from the storm. “I woke up probably to a big thunder, I jumped out of bed and the power went out and I was like, ‘Oh, all the power is going out,'” Moreland said. “And I laid there and the wind really picked up bad. There was hail hitting the side of the house. And I tried looking outside and it was hard to even see because the wind was going so bad.”

The Isolated thunderstorms left fallen trees on powerlines throughout the night in Moreland’s neighborhood. “The power truck came down my road in front of my house about quarter to three in the morning, and I was like, ‘Well, what’s going on?’ And they had a big spotlight and they were looking at all the lines and everything,’ Moreland said.

“There was trees down on the driveway all the way down Murphy Lake Road. There was trees all down the road. When I was coming to work this morning, I had three trees down in my yard.”

Thankfully, there was no significant damages in the area. The close-knit community members of Central Lakes help each other during emergencies like severe storms. “Reach out and see how your neighbors are doing and see if they need a hand with anything. We’re all pretty helpful and we want to help each other out there.”

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