International Falls Mayor announces candidacy for State Representative

International Falls Mayor Harley Droba announced Wednesday that he intends to run for State Representative, challenging incumbent Representative Roger Skarba for 3A seat.

“I have nothing but respect for Representative Skraba as an individual,” said Mayor Droba. “However, I believe our citizens and the citizens of the district deserve a representative who is more effective in addressing the issues that genuinely affect our communities. It’s time for change, and I am stepping forward to be that change.”

Skroba says the district is in need of ‘effective leadership’ to address issues like rural health care.

“Rural healthcare is a critical issue that has been talked about but consistently overlooked,” said Mayor Droba. “I am committed to ensuring that our rural communities receive the healthcare services they deserve. Veterans and our retired community are the ones that are most at risk if we can’t come to a solution. It’s time to move from talk to action.”

Droba says that he wants to make the voices of Northern minnesota heard in the capitol, when it comes to mining, wolf management, economic development, and housing.

An official campaign kickoff event is planned for January 2024.