Hygge Festival kicks off Saturday Cook County

The three Cs at the Hygge Festival in Cook County

Comfort, coziness and cocoa can be found with the Hygge Festival with Visit Cook County.

Hygge Festival begins Saturday, February 3 in Cook County and runs until February 14.

The Hygge Festival is named after a Danish concept that refers to the ritual of embracing life’s simple pleasures.

Visit Cook County Executive Director Linda Jurek explained some of what’s on offer.

“You could do a fireplace tour and go visit 20 different locations in Cook County that have just amazing fireplaces. Some of those are in eating establishments, so you could have a little bite to eat while you’re there or something to drink,” said Jurek. “Then this year, we have a sauna tour that’s also included. So, we have three places that are open at specific times for sauna tours.”

The full schedule of offerings can be found here.