Hungry Jack Lodge hosts 8-mile ice skating trail just off the Gunflint

A new skating adventure at Hungry Jack Lodge

Get out and embrace winter with an 8-mile ice skating trail just off the Gunflint at Hungry Jack Lodge.

25 miles up the gunflint trail, an 8-mile ice skating trail on Hungry Jack Lake is offering an outdoor ice skating adventure like no other.

Hungry Jack Lodge owner Forrest Parson is the man who came up with the idea of plowing paths on the frozen lake. he says, “We had to get a little creative this year.”

The ice skating path starts right at the lodge and loops around the entire circumference of hungry Jack Lake, which runs beneath the Honeymoon Bluff cliffs.

The trail is completely free, however visitors will have to bring their own ice skates. Hungry Jack Lodge also serves lunch and Dinner. Visit Cook County’s Kjersti Vick says you could almost make a teip out of the experience. Go up visit Grand Marais for a bit, go skating, and then have a meal right there at the lodge.