Hot Rods for Hot Wheels is hoping to collect thousands of cars at Motorhead Madness

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The quest to collect thousands of Hot Wheel cars is on!

Officer Jim Forsyth has a brand new pick up truck, and the plan is to park it at Motorhead Madness and fill it up.

Eric Waller started the Hot Rods for Hot Wheels effort several years ago.

“There was a lot of turmoil for a few years, and I really wanted to rebuild the friendships between the police department and the kids,” he told us.

They are now at nearly 30,000 Hot Wheels!

The cars go to law enforcement, who use them on their calls to help break the ice with kids.

Forsyth said, “We’ve heard of several calls now where a kid’s super, super scared on a call. And we may need to talk to them about what happened. We give them a Hot Wheel. And they’ll open up right then and there. And that it helps bridge that gap for us.”

What’s even more remarkable is that Forsyth and Waller met about a decade ago, when Waller was getting arrested.

“Sometimes people get arrested and it can be the start of something good. It can be the start of somebody realizing that they can do better and better themselves. And that’s exactly what Eric has done here,” Forsyth said.

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