Grateful for graduation day: Stories of success from the Itasca Wellness Court

Itasca Wellness Court graduates weigh in on their accomplishments

Three people graduated from Itasca Wellness Court on Friday, and shared their perspectives.

A very special moment for sisters who’ve overcome so many challenges. They graduated from Itasca Wellness Court on Friday in Grand Rapids.

Megan and Hailey Salo, along with Hailey’s significant other, Alex Hayes, shared about their progress. They are leaving those years of prison, treatment, and probation in the past. Some moments were emotional.

And it is bittersweet for the Wellness Court team, who’s gotten to know them so well over the past five years.

Special graduation day at Itasca Wellness Court in Grand Rapids

A trio of graduates from Itasca Wellness Court on Friday.

The Itasca Wellness Court was established in April 2007 to unite courts, criminal justice entities, substance abuse treatment providers, and the community. The goal is to enhance public safety, ensure accountability, and reduce substance abuse and its impact on society.

It’s one of only two drug/DWI courts in the nation that have a Joint Powers Agreement with a Tribal Court. In this case, it’s the Leech Lake Tribal Court.