Prepping to Run, Rain or Shine! Grandma’s Marathon Preparation

Prepping to Run, Rain or Shine! Grandma’s Marathon Preparation

Grandma's Marathon Officials share plans and preparation for possible rain and cool conditions over the weekend.

White tents and signs are now filling up canal park – as preparation for Grandma’s Marathon this weekend reaches the home stretch!

As we all watch the weather with bated breath, the people over at Grandma’s are continuing to get ready for the event no matter what the weather conditions may be…rain included.

Zach Schneider, PR & Marketing Director for Grandma’s Marathon, shared with us plans as well as a heads up for those participating.

“We bring in our medical director and leaders from our medical team to tell us what the weather is going to be like at those specific points of race day, how that system’s going to move through our area, and then the medical team to tell us what impact or effects that’s going to have on the people that are running or participating in the race.”

Currently, those involved in the race, have been given advice on ways to prepare for the possible cool and wet weather conditions.

“So that means wearing layers, that means bringing waterproof clothing, that means finding ways to keep yourself and your gear and your other valuables dry, as dry as they can be on race day. So, we’re looking at bringing layers to the start line that you can shed before the race starts,” >

Contingencies and alert systems are being put in place for these possible inclement weather conditions.

“We understand some of the risks involved. we understand, I think, some of the contingency plans that we have in place. and we’re prepared to go forward with plan A or pivot to plan B or C if need be.”

Grandma’s Marathon will communicate changes through their event alert system, so it will be important to keep an eye out for those yellow and green flags. Green means the marathon as normal, Yellow stands for slowing down and be wary of weather changes, White warns of hypothermia, and Red/Black refer to severe weather and end of the event. Though the folks down at Grandma’s are secure in their plans and are doing all that they can to make sure everyone is safe during the marathon.

“More likely at this point, it seems like there’s going to be some element of rain associated with that Saturday morning and even that Friday night. so right now, that’s what we’re preparing for.”