Gov. Walz announces $982 million Infrastructure plan

On Tuesday, Governor Tim Walz announced his 2024 infrastructure plan for Minnesota – his capital investment recommendation for the upcoming legislative session.

The $982 million plan invests in infrastructure improvements across the state, including funding for water and transportation infrastructure, housing, and public safety.

“The investments in our 2024 Infrastructure Plan are investments in the wellbeing and future of Minnesota,” Governor Walz said in a release. “We have an obligation to ensure every Minnesotan has access to clean water, well-maintained infrastructure, safe communities, and state buildings that are safe and accessible. These projects will support local governments in their work to improve our infrastructure and create good-paying jobs in every corner of the state.”

Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Erin Campbell as well as leaders and members of the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council attended a news conference where Walz announced his proposal.

“I appreciate the commitment of Governor Walz and Lt. Governor (Peggy) Flanagan to crafting a strong Capital Investment Bill this year,” said Rep. Fue Lee (DFL-Minneapolis), the chair of the House Capital Investment Committee. “As we work to craft our own proposal in the House, we’ll do so in a way that protects what we have, builds what we need, and lifts up communities too often left behind when it comes to state investment. I look forward to working with the Walz Administration and our colleagues in the Senate to deliver on these investments that make our entire state a better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

The most recent plan Walz signed was the largest the state has ever seen, a $2.6 billion law back in June. It included $501 million for water infrastructure and $403 million for transportation — mostly roads and bridges, but also $72 million for bus rapid transit. A list of the projects and funding amounts can be found in the online bill text.

A Republican lead on the committee, on the other hand, expressed concerns that the infrastructure proposal is too small.

“I’m still gathering information from constituents, stakeholders, and my caucus on which priorities a bonding bill should have this year,” Sen. Karin Housley (R-Stillwater) said. “I am concerned there isn’t more money in this proposal for local needs across the state. Wastewater treatment and crumbling roads might not be glamorous, but they are the basic necessities that every community needs to thrive.”

The 2024 legislative session starts on Feb. 12. Below are the items included in the plan.

Water Systems and Transportation

Our state’s water and transportation systems protect Minnesotans’ health and safety. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor’s 2024 Infrastructure Plan invests more than $215 million in water and transportation infrastructure, including more than $119 million to support grants and low-interest loans to keep our water clean and replace lead pipes. The plan includes $28 million to establish new grant programs to help remove contaminants like PFAS from drinking water. Additionally, $2 million in invested in developing a continuous nitrate monitoring network.

Public Safety

Everyone in Minnesota deserves to be safe and protected. That’s why Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan’s 2024 Infrastructure Plan includes more than $142 million for public safety projects, including expanding laboratory and investigatory capacity for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and planning for a Minnesota State Patrol headquarters. The Infrastructure Plan also includes $47 million to build the infrastructure needed to provide rehabilitative programming and educational space for incarcerated individuals.


Every Minnesota deserves access to a safe and affordable place to call home and a healthy environment. Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan’s 2024 Infrastructure Plan includes more than $97 million for housing and environment, with more than half of that in Housing Infrastructure Bonds to back the development of multifamily housing supporting people facing homelessness, seniors, and families find safe housing. The infrastructure plan also includes more than $16 million to update the Minneapolis Veterans Home to better meet residents’ needs.

Maintain State Infrastructure

Maintaining and renewing state facilities is an important part of a safe, healthy, and fiscally responsible state budget. That’s why their 2024 Infrastructure Plan includes more than $440 million to maintain and renew the buildings that taxpayers own and rely on every day, including nearly $206 million for Minnesota State and the University of Minnesota to repair and renovate buildings.

Other Infrastructure

Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan’s 2024 Infrastructure Plan includes more than $85 million for other infrastructure needs across the state, including $40 million for local government projects and $5 million in grants to construct and renovate early childhood facilities and help ensure families have access to early childhood programs housed in safe facilities.

More information on the Infrastructure Plan can be found here.