Glensheen’s full mansion, Christmas candle-lit tours begin

Glensheen’s full mansion, Christmas candle-lit tours begin

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Glensheen mansion will begin their Christmas tours after Thanksgiving. There are several new features and additions to the tours.

Ash Howard, the education manager at Glensheen Mansion, said its the first time Christmas music is playing at the mansion.

“We have about 25 trees up this year, we have the third floor open for candlelight tours, which is something we’ve never done before. So in the evenings, a lot of the main lights get turned off and all the candles in the house get turned on. So it’s bright enough for safety, but it’s in a completely different field than a daytime tour,” Howard said.

Howard also said that many rooms within Glensheen are not only have Christmas decorations, but also different themes.

“The number one theme personally for staff is Claire’s bedroom. She collected nativity scenes while she was living here. So we do have some of her original ones out on the floor itself,” Howard said. “So other than that, it’s very similar themes that everyone is familiar with from Candy Cane Snowflakes. We have a gnome room, the whole nine yards.”

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