Gasoline shortage left some stations without gas

People reported some gas stations across the Northland ran out of gas during Memorial Day weekend.

WDIO went looking for some answers.

According to Bob Skalko, General Manager at Edwards Oil, a couple of refineries in the Twin Cities area recently finished up some maintenance outages. But not everything is ramped up yet.

Edwards didn’t have any problems with supply, and are in good shape.

But Skalko said overall, the supply is tight across the Midwest.

Skalko added that the Cenovus Superior Refinery outage has affected them all, and that they are looking forward to the restart.

Derek Medved, who owns KornerStores in the Northland, added that the perfect storm of busy holiday travel and longer wait times for refueling down in the cities created more pressure on them. But they made it through without running out. He is also looking forward to seeing the Superior Refinery up and running again.