Flash tattoo breast cancer fundraiser at Stronghold Tattoo Studio

Flash tattoo breast cancer fundraiser at Stronghold Tattoo Studio

On Saturday March 30th, there was a flash tattoo fundraiser held at Stronghold Tattoo Studio to help a woman's battle against breast cancer.

Overcoming breast cancer is a difficult journey, but its not impossible. The battle against cancer can help when you can rely on family, friends, and your community.

Chris Hand, an apprentice at Stronghold Tattoo Studios said they are trying to raise as much money as they can. The fundraising efforts are going to help support Casey Maleska, who was diagnosed and her family.

“We’re doing a fundraiser here for Casey, for breast cancer,” Hand said. “An artist here has their family battling it. So we’re helping support the family, helping the fight.”

People were lining up out the door at the flash tattoo breast cancer fundraiser event. They could select from a wide range of palm size flash tattoos along with other outlines and simple designs.

“We can pick something off the wall that we have, or if you have a small simple design, we can definitely accommodate that as well.” Hand said. “Pick something between, it’s going to be between $50 and $100, and , we can get you in as soon as we can. “We have all sorts of cool flash to pick from, we have everything from roses, some cancer ribbons, we have some Minnesota State lines. We have all sorts of stuff for custom tattoos.”

Hand also said 100% of the proceeds raised will directly help Casey and her family during this difficult time.

“[It goes] directly to the family to help fight this and medical bills and all that just every little bit helps. It helps the family, helps everyone get through some really horrible stuff.”

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