Explore Essentia Health Day at Rock Ridge gave students as chance to check out career fields

Explore Essentia Health Day at Rock Ridge School

Rock Ridge held a health care career fair for students to learn more about the medical fields.

Rock Ridge was really rocking on Wednesday, as students spent time learning about the medical fields.

Explore Essentia Health Day gave them a chance to try things like working on stitches.

“There is such a need in health care and everything. All departments looking from anything from ultrasound tech, radiology, tech, all the way to nurses and doctors. And so we just want to make sure that students are aware of all the opportunities within health care and not just nurses and doctors, but all of those tech positions. And there’s maintenance and there’s environmental services and nutrition services. And in Duluth, there’s a coffee shop on campus. And so you can be a barista at a hospital!” Annie Bachschneider told us. She’s a Workforce Development Specialist with Essentia.

She said the students were nice and engaged.

Essentia is a partner with Rock Ridge in their career academy high school model, funding the medical sciences wing.