Astounding numbers of those experiencing homelessness in St. Louis County

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Over 6,000 people are experiencing homelessness within St. Louis County. This an estimate by the group Minnesota dash to end homelessness. The group says there’s nearly 600 people in Duluth alone struggling to find a home. As the weather warms the number of homeless camps are growing. 

Stacie Jo-Porter, a certified wetlands technician of the Lake Superior Band of Chippewa, talked about how she lost her family and experiencing homelessness in Duluth. “It’s bad. We’re already living in a cesspool. We’re just left sick and, starving and freezing.” Jo-Porter said. “My brother died in this park last year. He was a marine. His name is Greg Michael Porter. we lost our parents…. And, we all my dad’s assets and stuff like that.”

According to St. Louis county’s 2022 annual point in time count, an estimate of 550 people without homes are going to local charities seeking basic necessities like food, soap, or toothpaste. They are seeking more help to get them back on their feet. “There’s not enough blankets, the ground gets really freaking cold.” Jo-Porter said. “I’m a North Shore girl, I can walk all night and then sleep during the day when the sun’s out. But when it gets that cold, at night it’s scary, because you can’t even tell you’re cold. I’m lucky I have a sleeping bag.”

Stacey also shared she’s afford the prices of apartments available. However, more affordable housing options are on the way in Duluth. Earlier this week, they were breaking ground on a new affordable housing complex. For more information on ways you can also help people experiencing homelessness in Duluth you can look here.