Construction on a new housing complex is underway in Duluth

There will soon be a new housing option in Duluth for anyone looking for a place to live. An announcement was made Tuesday afternoon for a new housing complex coming to Duluth’s Hillside neighborhood that will look to provide much-needed support for affordable housing in the area.

One Roof Community and Three Rivers Community Action announced the groundbreaking of the new Brewery Creek Apartments will be located on the corner of North 6th Avenue East and East Fourth Street.

“Anytime we can start a project that’s going to help 52 people have a place to live a quality and affordable place to live that’s fantastic,” said Executive Director at One Roof Community Housing Jeff Corey.

Out of the 52 mixed one and two-bedroom complex, 10 units will be made available to the Fond du Lac Band members, and that can continue to open more doors for those community members.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with these partners to provide housing for up to ten different families and different people because we have a care facility here on fourth street and in Fond du Lac where people can work at either of those places and provide housing for them. That’s going to attract more people, and maybe there are students going to the local colleges as well,” Director of Planning for the Fond du Lac Band Jason Hollinday shared.

The apartments will also look to target and serve young adults with a history of homelessness. The idea of this apartment complex came to fruition in 2023, and even with some ups and downs, Corey shares how it takes a lot of hands to bring an idea to life.

“It is very gratifying to have something go from a concept or any idea to reality. The concepts and visions are super important, but equally important are all the partners and all the folks that assist in the project so that can actually get to this point. So, it takes so many folks to make it happen!

Construction has already begun on the five-story building, and it’s expected to be complete and ready for residents to move in by May 2024.