Eveleth man charged in connection with an assault allegedly involving Hells Angels

An Eveleth man faces criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and assault charges.

Paul Debelak is accused of being part of a group of men who allegedly hurt both a man and a woman at the end of November. He’s reportedly a Hells Angels prospect.

The leader of the Hells Angels reportedly did not want the man and woman to associate with each other, according to the criminal complaint.

The complaint said a group went to a home on Summit Street on November 27th, where the victims were. The woman reported she was assaulted by two men. Then the group allegedly took the man to the clubhouse in downtown Eveleth, where he was beaten up.

Authorities executed search warrants at the Hells Angels clubhouse and at the home on Summit Street last week. Two men were arrested, including Debelak. The other has been released from the jail.

Another man turned himself in on Monday.