Election day tips: What to know before you go to the polls

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Election day is just mere hours away and this race is proving to be critical. Voting of course is a civic right and privilege, however, do you know what to bring and where to go? We talked to Duluth City Council’s President, Arik Forsman, on his top tips.

“It’s critical to vote not only because we’ve got the governor’s race on the ballot and some really important statewide races. But voting is where you also weigh in on your local races. And so throughout the region tomorrow, we have really important races from school board to city councils, not in Duluth, but in lots of other places. And the best way to make change in your local community is to go out and exercise your right to vote,” says Forsman.

Being in engaged in the voting process is critical to make your best decisions on voting day. Here are Arik’s top three tips to keep in mind as you head to the polls tomorrow.

1) Redistricting this year in the state of Minnesota. This is where the judges redraw all the lines that say these are the precincts that we have, which means that you might have a different place to vote this year.

2) Another important thing to know is that in Minnesota, we have a state law that says that if you are working during voting hours, you are allowed to leave with pay to be able to go vote, to exercise your right, to cast your ballot.

3) Make sure to look at both sides of your ballot. We’ve got county races, there are school board and council races outside of Duluth. Judges are up for election. It’s important that you weigh in on all of these things.

4) Bring an ID with your current address.

5) Same day registration. With your ID you can register to vote and cast your ballot same day. Either bring an ID with your current address or bring an ID with some proof of residence. That could be a utility bill, which is either on paper or on your phone.

Voting brings a range of emotions, from excitement, to fear, to anxiety. However it is best to be armed with knowledge as you go out to the polls. To find out more info about where your local polling place is, as well as more information, click here: https://sos.state.mn.us/