Duluth Wedding Show vendors help couples plan their special day

Duluth Wedding Show vendors help couples plan their special day

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When it comes to planning a wedding, it takes a lot of time, effort and money. It can also be a lot of stress for the engaged couple. The Duluth Wedding Show is looking to help people on their journey to walk down the aisle.

Tracy Lundeen is the president and founder of the Duluth Wedding Show. He said the 135 vendors at the event can help from catering to photographers, to even outdoor tent venues.

“One of the things that I always like to tell people is there’s nothing better than personal interaction,” Lundeen said. “You can plan your wedding online if you want. Never meet the vendor you’ve hired, and then you find out the chemistry is awful. What you want to do is shake hands, visit people, see if their visions are the same as your visions.”

Couples planning a wedding on a budget can use one of the most cost-effective options which is an outdoor wedding. Bernie Ozan, the owner of Best Day Ever, said people can even have a wedding where they you’d least expect it.

“People don’t realize that they have the most beautiful venues right in their own backyard. It’s just nice to be able to save a little bit of money, and have a gorgeous wedding,” Ozan said. “While we don’t really do much in the winter as far as the tents and things, it’s really nice, to have a backup plan for a wedding in Duluth if you’re going to do it outside.”

One of the many key aspects in a wedding is color coordination from the clothes to the flowers. Kacie Kaufhold, the owner of Bumble and Bloom Florals said one of the colors that’s difficult to color coordinate for flowers is blue; which can be more expensive.

“Not a lot of things grow in blue as much. The vendors are actually trying to produce more blue stuff, but blue is kind of a hard color. I would say there really isn’t too much of a limitation unless it’s a really funky color like camo or something like that.”

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