Duluth Salvation Army Captain competes in four-hour fundraising challenge

Duluth Salvation Army Captain competes in four-hour fundraising challenge

Captain Anthony Norden with the Duluth Salvation Army participated in a nation-wide challenge on Saturday to ring the red kettle bell for four hours in an effort to help raise money for the organization.

In its fourth year running, The Salvation Army National Commander, Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, is hosting a nation-wide challenge to raise more money than him during a four-hour bell-ringing shift on Saturday, December 9th.

Captain Anthony Nordan, the Corps officer of the Duluth Salvation Army, is one of those competing in Saturday’s challenge raising money for those in need this holiday season. However, he says those funds are in short supply so far this season.

“So right now, we’re still about $4,000 behind. But if you think about last year, we had a $50,000 gift at the end of the year that got us there. So really, we’re in kind of a pickle right now. So anyone who can get out and ring or even give would be greatly appreciated” Nordan says.

The Duluth Salvation Army’s kettle goal is to raise $225,000, and they’re hoping Saturday’s challenge can bring them back on track.

However, if you are looking to help donate to The Salvation Army but are concerned with tight finances this holiday season, Nordan says there are other ways you can still contribute.

“If their budget conscious, but they can give their time, we greatly appreciate that.”

Nordan says he enjoys being out in the community as it gives him an opportunity to meet so many new people and hear great stories about their lives. It is through those faces and stories that the Salvation Army raises money for every year, to make sure everyone has the resources they need.

The Salvation Army will know the final totals on how much money was raised during the challenge on Monday. There are two winning categories to the competition: The highest total dollars raised, and highest percentage raised of Kettle Goal. The winning leadership will attend the National Kettle Kickoff at the Thanksgiving Cowboys football game next year.