Duluth Playhouse’s ‘Little Women’ creating new families at the NorShor

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The classic American tale ‘Little Women’ has made its way to the stage of the NorShor theatre.

The Duluth Playhouse’s retelling of iconic the story will be the musical version of the tale. Click here to find Tickets to the musical “Little Women’.

The cast and crew of the show say a musical version of the story opens up the characters in ways the book or films can’t.

Alyson Enderle, who plays Jo March, says, “One of the major aspects of musical storytelling is that it takes a single moment in to care that a character’s experiencing and through song and expands that inner monologue that they have.”

“There’s something about the way that people can connect with music that adds such a nice element to any kind of storytelling. Not just getting to see the characters, but getting to hear music that brings up other emotions that are wordless emotions in. You can connect with them in a way that words can’t”, says Caroline Kouma, who plays Meg March.

The performers taking on quite the challenge, portraying characters audience members grew up with. The four actresses said that was one of the intimidating parts, however after becoming close after meeting everything was way more relaxed.

Alyson Enderle, Caroline Kouman, Abrianna Schmidt (Beth March), and Kaitlyn Callahan (Amy March) have all become sisters both on and off the stage.

“Yeah, we all connected really pretty quickly! And we’re already, you know, exchanging clothes and things within the first week or so with each other. So we really leaned into the sister roles,” says Caroline.

She goes on to say, “I think if you’re doing any kind of theater storytelling, it requires a level of vulnerability that maybe other things in your life don’t require.”

The four says lots of fun traditions and shenanigans grew out of their time in ‘Little Women’.

Kaitlyn Callahan says, “This specific group of people telling this story is a once in a lifetime. And so making the most of that and doing everything you can do with that, to flesh it all out and have the most fun you can, is really important.”

With the incredibly relate able characters Abrianna Schmidt says it’s a blast to bring them to life.

“I mean, everybody is always like, ‘oh, I’m such a meg, I’m such a Joe’ and everything like that. And so, it’s fun when you find those characteristics and then you can apply them to real life situations.”

The entire cast and crew of Duluth Playhouse’s ‘Little Women’ shinning a light on how high caliber the theatre can be.

Executive Director Wes Drummound says, “Duluth has some of the most talented individuals living right here, which is amazing. This cast, this orchestra, these designers, this production crew… It’s just like Duluth coming together to put on a show.”