Duluth Jewish Anti-Zionists protest & demonstration in Hermantown

A group of Duluth Jewish Anti-Zionists hosted a protest at Minnesota Rep. Pete Stauber’s office against supporting Israel. The Duluth Jewish Anti-Zionists staunchly oppose Rep. Pete Stauber voting to send $14.3 billion towards the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Jamey Sharp, a Duluth resident, said the protest also included members of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities.

“Today’s gathering was organized by a group of Jewish people here in Duluth who consider ourselves to be anti-Zionist. We’re a group of Jewish people who are concerned in seeing what’s going on in Israel and Palestine right now. This is not an issue that’s just on a binary. This isn’t Jewish versus Muslim,” Sharp said. “It is a larger national ideological issue.”

The protest included singing, prayers, and placing stones for the civilian lives lost to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“Innocent civilians should be safe to live their lives,” Sharp said. “So we read the names one by one, and people took a stone and walked amongst our community members and placed it in front of Pete’s office.”

The Duluth Jewish Anti-Zionists and other members of the community posted several signs listing the names of civilian causalities.

“Politicians are trying to divide us and all of us who are here today together to say that we’re not going to let that happen.” Also for other stories happening in Duluth you can read more here.