Duluth East brings the totally Fetch ‘Mean Girls’ musical to the stage

Duluth East brings “Mean Girls” to the stage

The students at Duluth East High School are ready to open their production of "Mean Girls" the musical.

Duluth East High School is brining a musical to the stage that a whole generation agrees is “So Fetch”.

The musical version of “Mean Girls” follows the plot of the 2004 movie starting Lindsey Lohan and Rachel McAdams. It debuted on Broadway back in 2018. It includes all the witty writing from Tina Fey’s original script and and combines them with music written by Jeff Richmond, lyrics by Nell Benjamin.

The plot follows Cady Heron who moves to a new school and meets new friends Janis and Damian but also learns about cliques… like The Plastics, made up of Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith, and queen bee Regina George.

“Mean Girls” runs at East High School from October 26-28th at 7:00pm and then Sunday, October 29th at 1:00pm. Tickets cost $15 dollars for adults and $10 dollars for students. (Cash or check only).

On of the biggest lessons students had to learn in the rehearsal was making those iconic roles their own. Sofia Salmela who plays Regina says, “I think of how I would say the line as Regina and not as someone else who has said the line as Regina before. But I also try to add elements of both of them into it.”

“I think there’s not many people who are unfamiliar with the movie so it’s going to be interesting,” says Mia Patronas who plays Janis. Yes with “Mean Girls” being one of the most quotable movies ever the actors had to prepare for audience reactions as well. “All I can think about is oh people are really going to react to this,” says Greyson Holste who plays Damian.

The students guarantee all your favorite lines, jokes, and moments from the movie are included in their performances and are wrapped up with a nice bow.