Duluth City Council Vote

Today, Monday February 27th, Duluth City Council held their public meeting. One of the biggest agenda items was the partnership with the Duluth Library Foundation on a process for a community- informed predesign for conversion of the Downtown Library to a multi-purpose, regional community service center.

Three resolutions were voted on during the meeting outlining this partnership.

1) A Memorandum of Understanding with the Duluth Library Foundation to fund half of the community engagement and pre-design processes.

2) A contract with NEOO Partners for community engagement

3) A contract with MSR and the Duluth office of LHB for architectural design services related to the pre-design.

Tonight, all three resolutions for the library passed, with voting, 6-0 in favor and 3 absent, so the project is a go.

Council-woman Roz Randorf tells us,

“It’s important that this is a community informed decision and people continue to weigh in.”

We’ll keep you updated as this project develops…