Duluth City Council transfers over 14.5 million for affordable housing

Duluth City Council transfers $14.5 million to affordable housing

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A resolution to transfer over $14.5 million in unspent COVID relief to the Duluth Economic Development Authority for affordable housing, childcare, and blight reduction passed the Duluth City Council on Tuesday May 28th.

The $14.5 million was a part of a larger covid relief package, and the unspent amount had a pending deadline. Some council members were not entirely sold on the resolution. Citing shovel ready projects and ongoing projects with funding gaps that could use the money.

“As a whole, I am not necessarily opposed to the resolution,” said Duluth City Council member Mike Mayou. “I just want to make sure we’re taking the right amount of time considering and having conversations with our partners.”

Other members of the Duluth City Council were reluctant to delay progress on the Duluth Economic Development Authority’s affordable housing projects.

“Right now, we’re able to move some money forward,” said council member Janet Kennedy. “And I think we need to take that chance and move it forward. We already know that the work is going to be done, and the money is going to be spent on affordable housing. The authors have done the work. I think it’s time that we just honor that.”

The resolution passed in a 6 to 2 vote.