‘Do not drive over fire hoses’; Duluth Fire Department reminds after Greysolon fire

Thursday, the Duluth Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a structure fire at the Greysolon Plaza around 5:16am.

Fire crews responded to a fire in a single apartment unit inside the building and was quickly knocked down with limited damage to the originating unit. but there was also smoke damage on the adjacent floors.

Two patients were treated for smoke inhalation on scene, but were not transferred for more in-depth care at a hospital. Approximately $25,000 in damage was estimated in the apartment of origin, and an additional $10,000 in smoke damage to the hallways. No injuries were reported.

The Duluth Fire Department also mentions “During the incident, two separate vehicles drove over one of the hydrant lines being used to fight the fire. Duluth Fire cannot stress enough the importance of NOT driving over our hoses, regardless of whether or not they are charged with water. This puts our equipment, people’s property, and most importantly, our staff in jeopardy. When crews are working on our emergency scenes, it is critical to DFD’s success that commuters find an alternate route to avoid putting our staff and equipment in danger.”