Daniel Durant returns to Minnesota for Dancing with the Stars tour in Prior Lake

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CODA actor and Dancing With The Stars contestant, Daniel Durant, made a return back to Minnesota to perform in ‘Dancing with the Stars Live 2023’. Daniel is originally from Duluth.

The tour has just begun with Daniel attached as a special guest for select locations. The show; taking place at the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake Minnesota Friday.

For Daniel, dancing on tour in Minnesota is a full circle moment for his Dancing with the Stars journey. He says, “It feels great. And I can’t wait to be in my home state and so much of my family is coming and my friends, they’re all going to be at the show. And it’s just an incredible feeling. I can’t wait to show my loved ones, in person, our show. I can’t wait for them to see me perform.”

Daniel says the tour will showcase dance numbers from the show and some new ones as well.

“We’ll be doing three dances from the show”, says Daniel, “So first we’re going to dance the cha cha. And then second, we’re going to do our jazz. And third, we’re going to do our contemporary.” The cha cha continues to be one of Durant’s favorite numbers to perform.

As for the new dances, Daniel says, “In my experience so far, it’s a lot of fun! And I’m excited to perform them for the first time. It’s going to be different. There’s no judges watching me dance, it’s not a competition. Now I can put all those feelings away and it’s just, the cast and crew together, having fun on the road and working hard.”

Even though there’s no competition this time around, Team Sign To Shine still wants to bring that fire they had on the show. Daniel’s dance partner Britt Stewart says it’s a must.

In her experience working with Daniel, she says, “I think both Daniel and myself are performers, like natural performers. So I think it will be easy for us to get like back into that fire mode when we dance. And then, of course, being in Minnesota, I know is going to be a special show.”

Daniel, Britt, and interpreter Gabriel Gomez came together on Dancing with the Stars and developed a strong friendship together.

Britt says, “Working with Daniel, I had never met a deaf person before Daniel, let alone dance and teach someone that stuff. So this whole experience was very eye opening for me and it was a beautiful exchange and knowledge and information, which I think is very rare in life when you can work and be able to learn at the same time.”

“I’m so proud of our team, Britt, myself and Gabe, the three of us working so hard from start to finish of the season. And really I was happy with what we accomplished. I think we went really far and the competition was really good”, says Daniel.