Crews making progress on major snowmaking project at Giants Ridge

Crews working on major project for snowmaking at Giants Ridge

Lakehead Constructors is in charge of a major snowmaking project at Giants Ridge.

Summer is the perfect time to work on winter infrastructure at Giants Ridge.

Crews from Lakehead Constructors are busy with a $16.5 million dollar project to upgrade snowmaking operations.

“It’s nice to be able to tell the guys they get to go work on the ski hill this summer,” shared Project Manager Joe Polo. “It does add some challenges, since there are a lot of rocks and they could go rolling down.”

The work includes installing about seven miles of new pipe for new water lines, and adding hydrants for the 74 new fixed tower snow machines.

With the 74 new machines, they’ll have a total of 130 on the slopes, according to Sean Peyla, the Director of Mt. Operations.

And the new ones are automated. “Getting this technology is a great step for us. It’s helped other facilities open earlier, and it will provide more consistent product for our guests,” Peyla added.

The torrential downpours made things challenging a couple of weeks ago at the work site, but they made it through.

The plan is to have this project wrapped up by Halloween, just in time for the next ski season.

A combination of bonding money and funding from Iron Range Resources is paying for the project. Giants Ridge is also working with Snow Machines Inc.

Also at the Ridge, the storm damage really did a number on their downhill bike trails.

But you an expect to ride a few of them this weekend, according to Peyla.