Concordia Band shares love of music with students from across the Iron Range

Concordia Band is making music across the state, including Rock Ridge

The Concordia Band is touring across the state, and met with students on the Iron Range on Thursday.

A day full of music at Rock Ridge High School, that included band students from Hibbing and Mesabi East as well.

We asked them what they enjoy about band. “The fun pieces, you can really pour your heart and soul into it. Those are really enjoyable moments,” shared Jaiden Touchstone, a tenor saxophone player from Hibbing.

“I like being the supporting part, and building up the bass, and counter melodies. And if we can get good resonance, I get shivers across my spine when I’m playing or listening,” Julie Bockelmann told us. She’s a euphonium player from Rock Ridge.

The Concordia Band spent time with the younger musicians, sharing their love of instruments. From master classes to performances, it was a full day.

“I had the idea to bring schools together for a workshop day,” explained Dr. Peter Haberman, the Director of Concordia Bands. “Coming to their house and playing with them, it something we take pride in doing.”

Bockelmann added, “I think it’s really cool to listen and play with the Concordia Band. It’s good to see the community between the people.”

And it benefits the older musicians as well. Mitchell Lejcher, a trombone player for Concordia, said it’s fun to share wisdom. “I can think of things that helped me along the way. Playing next to them, and hearing a change happen, is really cool.”

Kaylin Bosworth, a clarinet player for Concordia, added that it gives them a chance to lead sectionals and ensembles. Plus, their band has to get used to the acoustics at different venues, which keeps them on their toes.

The band goes on tour each year, and was invited to check out the new Performing Arts Center at the high school.

The 6th and 7th grade band director, Dan Melby, is a Concordia Band alum, and has the connection with them.

Kevin Szumal, the 8-12th grade band director, said it’s great that this opportunity is here on the Range.

The Concordia Band was also at Duluth East this week.