Community-wide shopping fest begins in Esko

Thursday kicks off the annual Esko Community Rummage Sale, organized by St. Matthews Church. With over 50 locations registered and signs pointing in every direction, you are bound to find something you need. The event runs Thursday, May 16 – Saturday, May 18. The hours of each location varies.

Dawn Schubert says the sales in Esko are a wonderful opportunity to get out and see people.

“It’s crazy today, even in the rain,” Dawn said. “I’ve been to about five and my car is full already.” Dawn is the owner of a thrift store in Barnum and was looking for possible inventory.

Thrifty shoppers can find a variety of items including clothing, sports equipment, small appliances, books, camping gear, furniture and more. If you are looking for something specific, visit St. Matthews Lutheran Church Facebook page for a breakdown of sales and addresses. The Caywood Gas Station on Thomson Road also has a list of locations.

Jocelyn Levijoki brought her “big van” from Ironwood. “We come here every year,” Jocelyn said.”We travel two hours just for these sales.” She told WDIO that she wasn’t leaving until the van was full.

The Esko Community Rummage Sales run Thursday, May 16 – Saturday, May 18.

And if you aren’t able to find what you are looking for this weekend, there will be another community-wide sale in Esko on September 12-14.