Cloquet Police: Super 8 Motel shooter had Methamphetamine in system, did not know victims

After nearly two months following the fatal shooting at the Super 8 Motel in Cloquet, Minnesota, the Cloquet Police Department on Monday is giving their final update on the incident.

According to the Chief of Police, the extensive investigation encompassed interviews, analysis of cell phone data, and a review of toxicology reports provided by the medical examiner. Results from the examination of the suspect’s electronic devices did not reveal any prior knowledge or communication with the victims involved.

However, the toxicology report unveiled the presence of methamphetamine in the suspect’s bloodstream, suggesting potential impairment during the incident. Additionally, during interviews, officers uncovered that the suspect had contacted a coworker and made references to dealing with “monsters.”

Based on gathered information, it was determined that the victims were unknown to the suspect. Furthermore, indications suggest the suspect may have been experiencing a mental health episode, possibly exacerbated by drug influence.

The Cloquet Police Department announced its intention to forward the final investigative reports to the Carlton County Attorney’s Office for review.

Throughout the investigation, the department maintained communication with the families of the victims, extending heartfelt condolences to them and all those affected by the tragic event.