Big finale at Bayfront Blues Fest Sunday

Bayfront Blues Fest ends Sunday at 8:30pm, with 17 bands playing this weekend, fans of the Blues kept on grooving. While the festival is only three days in August, the amount of preparation for the large crowds takes several days.

Joe Thorton, the Master of Ceremonies at Bayfront Blues Fest, said that it’s a team effort to prevent any slip ups. “The actual setup and all of the final preparations, it goes on for several days,” Thorton said.

“We have the one of the most amazing sound and lighting crews around. They work all over the place. They do shows constantly. And it’s they’re just so precise with how they can come.”

Thorton also said that the actual break down of the Blues Fest happens in a matter of hours. “When you’re setting up, you’re really getting everything dialed in. You’re making sure everything’s ready to go, Everything’s plugged in properly,” Thorton said.

“Tearing down, it’s more like a just a science. It’s get the equipment done, move it on, pack it up and go. And the team, the crews that do that, they are fast. After the show is done tonight at 8:30pm, it’s gone within hours.”

The reason why the Blues Fest is still going strong for over 30 years is because of dedicated fans, but also volunteers, and staff. “We get people coming year after year after year and we get new people who come and discover this for the first time every year and we’re driven by that,” Thorton said.

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